I get more amazed by this company every year.  A couple of weeks ago I had the great opportunity to join some of my Western Europe High Potential colleagues for a training in a three day training in Amsterdam.  The amazing accomplishments, stories and insights from these 90 people was a fabulous experience.  To also have Microsoft invest so much into us helps me feel proud that the company truly understands its asset is its people.  I would be more than pleased to work for any of the people I interacted with over the three days.  In these three days we focused on bring out our voices as leaders and what is critical in empowering our people and teams to be great!  So many of the things you know but when you get caught up in the execution and everyday hustle and bustle you forget!  I truly enjoyed our trainer, Martinuzzi, Bruna.  If you have never engaged with her, you definitely should.  Her energy was contagious and her insights into your soul quite perceptive.  I love my learning circle!  You are probably thinking what is a learning circle…  It is a great program in which you have 5-6 of your peers question you through a challenge your facing until you come up with the right solution to solve it.  You are not supposed to give advice but in the end a little advice is shared and with the years of experience in different parts of the business it is great to get a fresh mind to help you overcome blockers you are giving yourself.   It is unbelievable in the short amount of time how much trust you build and how much you can share with strong amazing people.  My guys are great and we will meet again in February in Barcelona, one of the most fabulous cities in Europe!  After the training, my husband joined me for a nice relaxing weekend in Amsterdam.  I do suggest coming in the summer not winter- it was really cold!  A few pictures of the festivities…


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