Home in Portland for 4th of July

We had an opportunity to go home for a week during 4th of July.  It was great to spend time with our niece and nephew-Lily & Gordy, Bryan & Christina and Pam & Gordon.  We had a fun walk to the park and chilling in the backyard.  Check out the pictures in the album.  Great fireworks this year and nice blues.  We spent time at the typical 4th of July barbecue at Mikele’s and Dan did a great brisket 9 hour roast-YUM YUM!!  It was a different party instead of it full of thirty-somethings and dogs it was now late thirty-somethings and babies!  I guess we have grown up and now are adults! I also got to see my brother’s kids- so cute!  See Claudia and Trevor below.
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