Turkey with Mom and Dad

Well, I am very behind in my blog so in November Greg’s Mom and Dad came to visit us for 3 weeks.  We went to Istanbul and Alanya in Turkey for a week and then we ventured to Salzburg, Nurneburg, Ragensburg, to visit all the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria.  We had many adventures in Turkey as we went with a German Tour Company so to the dismay of Pam, Gordon and I everything was in German.  Greg got to be the translator and I think we got about 20% of the story.  We visited all the attractions- many mosques, cistern, markets, leather shops, rug factories and were good little tourists and bought a lot of stuff we didn’t need.  We saw many ruins and the vast amounts of history was the most amazing part of the trip.  Turkey was a great visit and glad we went but that was enough bartering for me for a few years- I felt like I was in Mexico.  A couple pictures of the trip there are more on my facebook page.  We enjoyed visiting all the Christmas markets with the family and Germany during the holidays is a very magical time.  I think I will miss the Christmas markets the most when we head back to the states. 
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