Good-bye Stretch

It must be the month of moving on.  Yesterday, we joined our new Munich Ski Club friend Stretch for his farewll BAR CRAWL.  He is an animal as you know those Brits and how they can drink.  He was sceduled for 9 biergartens from 2pm-???  We made our exit after 4.  Here are a couple pictures.  We will miss you Stretch but look foward to having a friend in Portsmith!  You will have to take us sailing!   You got to love his new outfit the gang go him for a German Farewell Gift!

Good-bye Noah

So we are sad to see Noah head back to the USA.  Happy for him and his family to get to go home and be back in the East, but now one less US friend in Munich.  Thanks to Noah for giving us some insights and dos and don’ts in Germany.  Our first DB bike experience was with Noah on our first visitation trip to decide if we were really going to do this.  Now we are five months in and loving it.  We will miss you Noah! 


Last weekend we had a fun trip to Radstadt with the Munich Ski Club.  Our friends Mairead and Steve joined us (Good Irish and Brits always make a weekend fun)!  Austria ski resorts are wonderfully huge and never a wait in the lift-which was grand!  Saturday the condistions were great for a  snowboard- sunny, warm and slushy.  Unfortuantely, Sunday I spent the time at the bar while Greg joined up with Werner, Dave, and Gang skiing.  Icy conditions are no fun with the snowboard.  Here are a couple pictures from the weekend.  Check out the photo album for more.   So far we have been to two Austrian resorts and two German and I have to admit so far the Austrian resorts are much better!  We hope to get some cross country skiing in soon and will let you know where are the places to go…
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