What I’ve learned

Well, Greg and I have been in Munich for 1.5 months now and what have we learned… 
  • The U-bahn strikes during the work week and not the weekend and they are even civil and keep the airport train running. 
  • When going to the grocery store you must bring your own bags and pack your bags quickly; as the next person’s groceries will run into yours if you are not fast enough.
  • Not many places take credit cards bring plenty of cash.
  • Germans love to stare so get use to it.
  • In Russia, people love to cut in front of you while you have been waiting in line.
  • Bring all your over the counter drugs because they are impossible to find here- especially airborne and Nyquil 
  • Refrigerators are tiny, you must go shopping daily…  No more COSTCOs, which is a good thing I think…
  • In looking for an apartment most don’t have kitchens, light fixtures, not even a mirror in the bathroom.
  • Get use to no closets and having to buy them.
  • First day of Oktoberfest is CRAZY-DON’T DO IT!
  • Sunday is the perfect day to go visit the museums, they are only 1 EURO.
  • Get all your shopping done on Saturday, everything is closed on Sunday except the beer gardens and museums.
  • Get use to the only TV stations you can understand is MTV and CNN, I have found VOX to play German version of home improvement, cooking and survivor-very entertaining….

I have also been in more countries than in Munich.  I have visited Hungary, Romania, Ukriane, Russia, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, UK and Austria.  I am looking forward to December when I can actually be home a little more often, my only trip is to Latvia.  Its been a great adventure so far, the people are wonderful.  My team is amazing and Greg I are getting use to rental life again and living in less than 1000 square feet.  Maybe it is good that I travel so much!  Stay in touch- and see the pictures of our latest trips- Oktoberfest, Russia, Around Munich….