Well I am finishing 1 week in Tallinn, Estonia.  By far one of my favorites in Eastern Europe.  It is so cute here!  YOu have to vacation here and check out the amazing old town that is a wole city behind a wall.  Amazing churches, history and the view of the Baltic Sea!  I have spent much time with the Estinian Microsoft Team which is a great group of folks doing so much with very few people.  My hostess Ulle was wonderful and tried to teach me lots.  I experienced an amazing old town Estonian Dinner which was very cool with old spiced wine and a German drunken Pork in Beer. it was delicious.  As I have said in previous Blogs I feel like I am in Kindergarden all over again just absorbing so much information.  Each day I learn something new!  We had an amazing view from the lounge on the 24th floor of the Radisson SAS.  After many late nights of work, sorry for putting you through the ringer Ulle, we are going to enjoy some Estonian Jazz Music tonight. 
So we didn’t get to Estonian Jazz but had a great dinner and fun conversation with the EPG Lead Kasper and Ulle.  I have to say I really love Estonia and I love the team.  I am looking forward to coming back with my husband this summer.  You will get a hoot out of the bathroom night- see my picture and you will see what I mean.  Even a sign on how to go to the toliet!  Check out my pictures of Estonia in my albums. 
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Apartment is finally done!!!

So after 3 months our Munich Apartment is finally home.  Our rental furniture was removed on Wednesday and then our new kitchen was installed on Thursday.  Then our sea shipment was suppose to come on Friday but got delayed till Saturday.  Long story and I will spare you the details.  The good thing that came from all the drama is the moving company- STERLING (outstandng group if you are a MS employee moving to Germany, I would definately ask to have them!!)  ended up building all of our furniture and helped us put everything away.  We were able to get the whole apartment unpacked and organzied in 9.5 hours.  Of-course I had some organization to do today but that was completed in 3 hours!  One of the fastest moves we have ever had! The team was great, efficent, clean, nice, helpful and fun to be around!  Check out the pictures of our new pad in my album.
We will have our house warming party next Saturday.  Excited to finally have a place to call home!  See pictures in my album below is the living room


So I had an opportunity to head to Barcelona for Microsoft’s IT Forum.  It was my first IT Forum ever and WOW it is an impressive event!  I had a great time meeting with our key Press from Central Eastern Europe Region and having dinner with the customers and partners from Romania.  If you get a chance I highly recommend this conference. 
So after IT Form I had a chance to spend some time with husband and enjoy Barcelona!  I would love to live in Barcelona for a time!  So suggestion for a great hotel in a great location.  It is nice small 3 star hotel called Hotel 10 Montcada on Via Laietana.  We had room 803, I would request it!  It is on the top floor and a view directly of the cathedral.  On the 9th floor is a terrace, hot tub, sauane and a bar- with tiny gym.  It was beautiful.  Breakfast is included and the roomrate is only $129.00. 
We saw a lot of Guadi, Picasso and had lots of Sangria.  Check out my album- Barcelona for more pictures.