German Wedding

This month we also attended our first German Wedding.  My co-worker Werner got married.  It was a beautiful location out near the Alps and it snowed!  Check-out the pictures in my album-Werner’s Wedding.  It was very German in a nice room in the courthouse with a huge desk and the person read the contract, exchanged short vowes and then it was time for the party!  The party location was amazing and the food was scrumptious!  It was a fun event and we felt very fortunate to be invited after only knowing Werner for 3 months. 

Busy November

Well we have had a busy November.  We watched our first Bayern Munchen Soccer Game since we lived here.  We went to a game in 2003 in the old stadium but the new stadium is huge!  Somehow we got on the Bolton U-bahn and got to spend 30 minutes with our closely UK friends yelling chants and listening to drunk Bristish Soccer Fights Songs.  I will never forget this one… 10 Germany bombers come flying by and Bolton shot them down, shot them down, shot them down….
Once at the stadium we filed out like cows in a herd.  It was crazy this must be what a school of fish feel like.  As we finally reached the stadium we were joined by 60,000 of our closest German friends and 10,000 loud screaming Brits who were louder than the Germans.  Like good Germans we went to go get our Beer and Brauts but of-course we should have known you need to have your Bayern Munchen Stadium card.  You have to go to a special place on the first floor and load the card with cash then you can purchase in the stands.  So no beer and brauts for our first game we were too lazy to head down 3 flights of stairs and search for it and miss the game.   Of-course Bayern Munchen was ahead all of the game until the end where Bolton tied it up 2-2. 
Afterwards it was time tohead back home on the U-bahn.  Imagine the scene when 40,000 of your closest friends also taking the U-bahn and everyone is leaving at the same time; with only 20,000 taking buses, cars and other transportation.  It was crazy!!  madness! So we decided to go the opposite direction two stops and go have a beer and dinner.  Once we were done it was nice a quite and we got home easily.  Check out the soccer photo album for some shots of our great night.
We look forward to our next game and next experience.  The next blog will tell you all about our first German Wedding, our trip to Barelona and finally moving into our apartment with our sea shipment finally arriving!

Things to do in Munich