IMG_20161127_111841RGB stands for Rane, Greg and Bode.  This blog is in accordance with our YouTube Vlog.  Where we will describe the good, the bad and the ugly of our travels across the USA.  I have spent the last twenty plus years in the technology, education, government and non profit industries working to make a difference in solving big challenges.  After sustaining 18 concussions and traumatic brain injury, I finally took my husband’s advice and retired.  Greg is an avid outdoors-man and is focused on finding the best waves, surf, mountains, powder and anything amazing in the great outdoors. Following by our side, is our ten year old doodle, Bode.  He has to go everywhere we go.  Follow us as we ditch everyday life in Bend, Oregon for the VanLife across our country and our crazy adventures to come.

So in the archive you will see blog posts when I was abroad working in Central Eastern Europe.  It first started for our family to know what we were doing and experiencing, since I was traveling so much I was struggling to keep in touch.  Accidentally, it turned into a place to help my teams get to know each other better and what I took away from each country visit and built a following of people around the world who wanted to learn more about these countries.  I moved back to the USA and started a new role that got me traveling even more.  Then I got traumatic brain injury and took a five year hiatus and started blogging again when I started a new company.  Per the request of friends and followers I kept these posts in the archive for people to still access.


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  1. greetings rane,
    we’re fans and would love to support your work with women. would love to meet and discuss any opportunities to partner up. we’re an SF creative studio {yep, all women}. looking fwd!

    1. Thanks Terry! If you are ever in Bend, happy to talk about partnership. If not meantime you can email me at ranebendor at gmail dot com.

  2. Tom, Linda, and Rosie, the 7 year old Dood here on the east coast. Looking forward to more travels in the west and look forward to following your adventures.

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