Cooking School with WW SPI Leads

So we just concluded a two day offsite in Munich with the WW Security and Privacy Leads with a couple Chief Security Advisors thrown into the mix.  We had representatives from Central Eastern Europe, Russia, UK, Canada, Latin America, Germany and Norway.  It was a great mix of folks with a wealth of knowledge.  We discussed our challenges and break through ideas to truly help our customers and partners protect their data, infrastructure and information for their companies with our security and privacy features, advocacy and solutions.  Can you believe we sit on a council with all our security competitors sharing information to ensure we help customers from any vunerabilities.  We also had the opportunity to do a little team building and did an Italian cooking school- who would have ever known we had so many great chefs.  It was a great little place next to the English Theater.  It was super cute, very cool renovation from garage to cooking school.  I now know how to make my favorite dessert: Tiramisu.  Here are some pictures of our cooking adventure:

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