Romania Influencers

I love Romania.  THe people are probably one of the most friendly in all of CEE.  So I took a trip to Romania with my husband to see the sites for a weekend, which turned out to be work.  What originally planned to be a weekend of sightseeing in Bucharest and then a sub visit on Monday turned out to be the Romania technical expert summit in a little village outside of Bucharest.  (A small town outside of Brasov called Sacele).  My husband was a good sport to land and ride 3.5 hours with one of my Romanian colleagues.  He arrived late at night at the little German like hotel and amused himself while I did session, we did head out for a short hike in the woods and saw many of the villagers hiking up to get fresh water from the mountain stream for the day.  While he was traveling to join me, I was scaling up a mountain side not dressed properly and having to borrow a sweatshirt and hiking boots from Loredana.  It was very beautiful.  I then had a presentation with the technical experts and some fruitful discussions on what Microsoft can do better to support technical communities.  We then got to partake in a Romanian festival and tried rotisserie Pig, Hungarian-Romanian Goulash, and the only vegetables Romanians eat is pickled- cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage.  We tried some Romanian partially fermented grape juice and regular wine.  Good times.   Afterwards we headed to Brasov, then to Dracula’s castle and then the long trip back to Bucharest (it should have taken 3 hours instead it took 6).  The next day, Greg and I joined Loredana for her 30 birthday celebration at a Mexican Restaurant.  It was very nice of Loredana’s husband to then drive us all over Burcharest after the dinner to ensure we saw all the sites! Greg then headed home and I went back to work at the Romanian subsidiary as we went through Q1 and Q2 plans and execution.  Some pictures below of the few days in Romania. 

A few fact about Romania for you.  Bucharest is hometo over 2.6M residents. Romanian legend has it that the city of Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literarily means "joy." His flute playing reportedly dazzled the people and his hearty wine from nearby vineyards endeared him to the local traders, who gave his name to the place.  Bucharest is laden with historical charm – from the streets of the Old City Centre, which are slowly being restored, to the grand architecture of the Royal Palace and the lush green of Cismigiu Park. The city also claims a large number of museums, art galleries, exquisite Orthodox churches and unique architectural sites.  Nicolae Ceausescu’s legacy, including the Parliament Palace (formerly called the People’s Palace), which at 3.76 million square feet stands as the world’s second largest building after the U.S. Pentagon, provides an interesting introduction to the dictator’s megalomaniac vision.   I saw this and it has got to be larger than the Pentagon it goes 11 floors under ground and 11 floors up- it is amazing.  Very sad that people were starving and he had to create this palance for his ego than the betterment of the people of Bucharest.  Bucharest’s buzzing cultural scene – 37 museums, 22 theatres, concert halls, opera house, 18 art galleries, jazz clubs and hip nightclubs – will certainly keep you busy.  You must go visit- I highly recommend.  A few pictures of our trip:

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