BMW Driving School TeamBuilding

So I participated in one of the best team building activities ever with my team.  We went to the BMW safety driving school in the pouring rain last Friday.  What an experience!  As much as I have a thrill for speed, it truly taught me how we drive way too fast as a society!  The great thing as everyone knows Greg says I already have 2 strikes against me- 1 being a women and 2 being Asian but to my surprise I did quite well in the driving school activities.  You wouldn’t even believe in the final times solemn race, I placed 3rd behind Claus (does race driving in Porsches) and Marin (my Croatian buddy).  Not bad out of 10 people.  We learned how to steer and brake properly, no more smooth braking-SLAM ON THAT BRAKE!  Did you also know our US teachers are wrong it isn’t 10 & 2 to hold the steering wheel but 9 & 3!  The most fun was we took off the DTC and drove 45km/h in a circle in the pouring rain, was quite scary but learning how to over steer and under steer… Here are a few of the pictures from the day, if you can do it- I would highly recommend it.  They also have an off road school with the X5-how fun that would be!  I will miss my CEE Server Team extremely, amazing good drivers!

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