Thai cooking class

Today we did a Thai cooking class.  Well I did the cooking and Greg watched and drank beer and flirted with a cute German girl.  It was probably the best adventure we have had thus far.  The teacher was very funny!  We also had as our partner an Isreali model from Japan.  Greg really wanted to spend more time from her.  But she wouldn’t eat much and was ready to go party and ignore us all.  We will do another class, lunch this time instead of dinner.  I will be able to cook some great Thai food, except I don’t think Gordon will like- very very spicy!  As Greg says it makes you shit fire! 
We then headed down to Reggae Pub as it looked very fun but it was dead only 8:30PM as things don’t start until 11PM, too late for us old people.  We then headed back and stopped by a few bars to play pool.  they were full of Thai girls wanting Greg to take them home.  they were disappointed as they thought I was a Thai girl already taking him home.  Very interesting place….  Reminds me a lot of Jamaica.  And more Muy Thai boxing, small truck with load speakers going up and down the street.
As for the weather in Thailand and if it was like Hawaii.  Very similar weather and beaches and ocean, but the surroundings and people are more like Mexico and Jamaica.  On the beach you constantly get bugged by vendors selling you crap.  It is beatutiul but I don’t think ou both will like it.  Food way too spicy for you and there are golf places but not very many.  It is all about spa and pampering.  The massages are great!  Food is excellent.  Weather very hot and humid.  Today we had a huge wind storm.  Hot all day but very windy.  Very Deceving as we thought it was cloudy and cool- Greg got very sunburned. 
Tomorrow we are going to do an elephant ride to the waterfalls. 
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