Ang Thong Snorkeling

Yesterday we went to Ang Thong.  We had a van drive to meanam and then got onto our boat.  The boat had 600 horsepower- very fast!  We got to the island and kayaked around and then had lunch.  Afterwards we went to the Emerald Lake it was fomed by the rock collapsing under ground and the ocean water emptying into a small lake area between the rocks, it was very pretty.  The steps to he lake would not pass US saftey standrads- very scary!  And there was limestone every where, after the hike we then went snorkeling.  The snorkeling as okay, not as good as Hawaii.  The Asians don’t take good care of their habitat and fish everything.  We met some really nice people twins from LA that were Korean, a kid from Santa Barbara that was with his parents who live in Seattle.  A couple from Columbia and lots of Germans.  It was probably one of the best days we have had.  We then had dinner at betelnut the Chef came from the betelnut in San Francisco.  He was fun to talk to.  It is a little annoying they are running more power to the island and instead of just having the power off on period they turn it off every 2 hours.  At least our hotel has generators so we are not affected by the power outage, but many of the resteraunts you can’t eat until after 7pm when the power will go back on for 2 hours.  The food last night was probably the best we have had thus far. 
Today we just relaxed on the beach and by the pool.  Tonight is our first major rain shower.  Tomorrow we are going with a couple of employees from the hotel to the waterfall and elephant treking.  It will be cool to ride the elephants and go with people who speak the langage and help us not be taken advantage. 
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