Koa Tao

Yesterday we went to Kao Tao.  We started breakfast at 630AM, you would think after 10 days here they would know what we would be ordering for breakfast.  We had to stuff our breakfast down in 5 minutes and made our poor bus driver.  We then got on a large catermeran and headed to Kao Tao.  Inside it was air conditioned and we wateched Misson Impossible 2.  At Kao Tao we snorkeled for 1.5 hours and it was great- FINALLY GREAT SNOREKLING.  It was a lot of fun.  Greg was first to jump off the boat and then everyone else began to follow- he broke the ice…  Next we headed to Nangyuan and had lunch.  Buffet style this lunch wasn’t as good as the previous lunch we had.  There were alot of Japanese and french tourists, very few Americans and this group wasn’t as friendly as our previous group.  After lunch we hiked to the top of the island- it is 3 islands connected by beach and then snorkeled for another 1.5 hours.  This snorkeling wasn’t as nice as Kao Tao.  We then headed back to Koh Samui. 
We then got massages and went shopping and Greg finally had his Lobster for dinner- HE was very happy.  Today we did another cooking class.  It was a lot of fun- I will be able to cook some great Thai dishes not sure if Gordon will be able to handle the spiciness.  Greg is hungry and loosing patience with me, so we are going. 
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2 comments on “Koa Tao

  1. hey i think that yall had a good time and yes i think that after being their for ten days those people would know what yall  were going to order for breakfast and if they didnt their had to be something wrong with them. all i have to say is that i hope yall have a good life and be safe were ever you go in life .. but always remember no matter what opsticals life may bring you always remember that you can fly….


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