If you have time- please fill out this survey and get involved with Education and Technology in Oregon

Please take the time to fill out this survey.  The SAO and SAOF are partnering together with Portland Public Schools to bring Relevant Technology Speakers into the classroom to give students more experience with Technology Careers and Opportunities in Oregon.  Eventually, we will be creating a database to automate this process.  We would like to thank Microsoft for taking a leadership role in organizing the first stage of this pilot program.  Please fill out this survey.  We will be doing the first set of classroom presentations in April and May.  Next year, we will branch out to include more school districts.

Additionally, we will be participating in the May 10th Career Fair with a Technology Cluster.  If your company is interested in participating in the Career Fair or the Technology Panel Discussion, please contact

Thank you and we are excited to be extending our SAOF programming this year and bettering our connection with the SAO membership to the future technology leaders in Oregon.   School and Industry Linkages Pilot with SAO and Portland public Schools

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