RGB Adventures YouTube Channel is Live

RGBYouTubeSo as we promised we have finally launched our new YouTube Channel RGB Adventures.  I created a trailer to describe us and the adventures to come on our Vlog channel for those who don’t know us.

I will admit the trailer is not the most amazing and exciting video.  After 25 years, my video editing skills need some work.  The last time I edited videos was in my film production class in high school. I am learning a new amazing tool called DaVinci Resolve.  It is a high end, professional editing tool for free, crazy!  It has crashed a lot so I may cave and purchase it for $299.  I would love to hear from others what tool do you use?   I read this great blog post about different options but would love to hear from our followers. Would you suggest Adobe Premier and pay the $20.00 monthly fee or is Corel videoStudio good enough at $99.00, you use DaVinci and it’s worth $299 or is there another tool you like better?

We are about to complete our current trip at Junction City, Oregon where Winnebago did right by us and fixed all the issues with our Boldt and did a fabulous job.  That story will be a later video, we got about 6 to make before we get to that story.

Our first video will be about how to pick an RV that is right for you and why we went with the Winnebago Boldt BL 4×4!  Stay tuned and many stories to come from (RGB (Rane, Greg and Bode) Adventures)!

To all my friends, who have questioned can I really just relax and hit the road and not be working and volunteering– all I can say –I am loving the retired life!  Van Life here we go!