Proud to be an American Again while in Barcelona

So I am a little behind in my blog.  Last week I was in Barcelona for our Microsoft TechEd Conference focused on delivering deep technical content to our IT Professionals and IT Managers to help ensure they are successful in their jobs and we are doing everything possible to help them with their careers on the Microsoft Platform.  During this week, we had many meetings in Central Eastern Europe with a IT Manager Security Roundtable, Community Event for all our MVPs and we had some side internal meetings.  While all this was happening our new President was elected- YEAH PRESIDENT OBAMA and the cheers cried out through out the city and through our event!  I am so proud to be an American again and my husband can remove the Canadian Flag off his backpack. 
Back to our meetings, offsites, and programs.  I am amazed at the creativity, solutions and activities our IT Pro Leads execute in our many countries in CEE.  The focus on how do we make our IT Professionals and IT Managers who made a bet on the Microsoft Platform succesful is so embodied by this team.  Below you will see them sharing best practices to help each other be better and our IT Manager Security Roundtable.  And of course some great team pictures of the IT Pro Team and also our CEE Headquarter Team.  I feel lucky to be part of such an energized group doing what is right for our customers and teams. 

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