Adventures with Russians & PHDs…

So I am very behind in my blog and missed my great adventure with my husband (Greg) and all of our Munich PHD friends.  Our Russian friend Yulia had this great idea to hike up a mountain in pitch black darkness to a hutte to listen to Irish music.  So it sounded like a great idea until we got there.  We believe she knew the way but after 3 hours going in several wrong directions we thought we may be sleeping on the rocks on the mountain side with no dinner for the night.  Thanks to our adventurous Peter finding our way to the hutte.  Once we got there- the hutte masters were amazing, the food great and music fabulous!  The whole town seemed to be in the tiny bar and later we found there was a paved road all the way to the hutte and we didn’t need to scale the side of the rocky mountain.  For all the hard times we gave Yulia, when we awoke the next day it was absolutely amazing view and we could see Munich and the Alps and we all forgave her for our adventure and thanked her for such a great idea!  The hike the next day was great and I almost forgot the night before we met fellow American buddies working for GORE.  They were great and we hope they email us soon to hang-out.  To mine and Gregs suprise though when we headed down the hill was it should have only taken 45 minutes instead of 3 hours and there was a nice walking path trail all the way to the hutte instead of us taking the busy road the whole way and scaling the mountain side. We now will come back this summer to try the adventure again!  If you have time, we suggest you must take the DB to Brannenburg and hike up to the Brietenburghutte! follow the pedestrian path!  Great place, great people, great food and great music!  Couple pictures of the adventure.  We still love you Yulia and Alana we don’t hate you for introducing us to Yulia-thanks for letting to Americans join the brilliant PHDs….

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