Clemi & Simon visit Munich

So our first PuebloIngles Pals Clemi and Simon from New Zealand came for a visit.  Friday night we had a nice pleasant evening at our place with dinner and wine.  We can say the wine overflowed five bottles later and a couple bottles of Oktoberfest brew and Clemi and Simn had to make a made dash at 1:30AM for the last uBahn home.  The next day we all had nice hang-overs.  It seemed to be the coldest day of the year for our little bike tour.  Sunday we were a little more productive with breakfast at a local bakery and a bike ride to Odensplatz, the Royal Palace, Marienplatz, the English Garden, Chinese tower, surfers, the lake and a quick tour down the StreetLife Festival (sitting on the world’s longest couch).  We had lunch at the Chinese tower when a bird tried to steal Clemi’s lunch but nearby tourist decided to feed our little friend for us.  We ended the day with dome Grand Theft Auto on the Xbox before they headed to the airport to France.  A few pictures of the day will have to be posted at the end of the month as I have already reached my monthly allocation.

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