Well all I can say is I now have 48 new friends from around the world; twenty-five Spaniards/Portuguese from Madrid, Barcelona and Porto and another twenty-three Anglos from USA, Australia, South Africa, UK, New Zealand and Canada with a couple living in Madrid for fun.  So Greg sold me on this trip as, “WOW, honey we speak English 3 hours a day and get a free trip at a 4 star hotel in Spain near Madrid." I thought fabulous!  Well after over 100 hours of speaking English and only 1.5 hours of free time a day, I am still thinking fabulous of the amazing people I met but I am a little tired those Spaniards can wear you out!  Can you imagine eating lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9pm and then dancing and drinking all night and back to talking English at breakfast at 9am?  What a week!  I became known as the morning Yoga Master but pleased to have my dedicated 5 students daily with one day of 12 (that night the bar closed early). Greg being an English teacher in Germany made him a great fan of the Spaniards and easier to understand than most (I know show-off!). Jordi, one of my favorite Spaniard Pals, gave me his lovely cold and I was down for the count for 6 days.  I still love you Jordi…  We have invited everyone to come visit us in Munich and we already have our first visitors tonight our KIWI friends- Clemi and Simon will join us for dinner in our little Munich Flat.  We hope to see more of you soon.  Check out the pictures in the album, I have reached my monthly capacity so I can’t add any below but will add a couple next month…

By RaneRGBAdventures Posted in Travel

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