Three Years and We Are Still Married!

So we made it to our three year wedding anniversary two weeks ago.  Greg was wonderful and planned our first trip to the ALPs to Solden in Austria.  It was amazing!  The village was so cute and the snow was great!  We had a fun trip with 60 of our new best friends from the Munich Ski Club.  We have to admit we spent most of our time with a bunch of british blokes that could really drink!  We saw the glacier and had amazing snowboarding expereince and listened to a band on top of the mountain.   We were exhausted but had a great time.  Our pension was great and we are really looking forward to the winter holiday on the slopes.  I go on vacation next Friday and we are ready to do several day trips and at least one that will include a SPA.  To see pictures of this trip you will have to visit my husband, Greg’s space-!FF01D44A3DEBF0!792/ Yes, we keep the Microsoft support in the family- everyone should have a Microsoft SPACE isn’t it the greatest!  The picture below is of us enjoying a beer and Gluhwein at the top of the glacier in a great little pub with a very traditional Austrian spirit and a picture of the mountain.  

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