House Warming and Christmas Festivals

Well I am a little behind in my blogging.  So the first weekend of December we had our House Warming Party.  It was a fun fix of Expats, Toytown folks, Munich Ski Club Folks, Microsoft Folks, and our German Neighbors.  Never though 35 people could fit in our tiny little apartment.  Thanks to Alana, our Swedish friend who made us home made Glogg with a KICK!!!  Watch out a few cups of Swedish Glogg and you will be very happy all night. 
The following day after clean-up we headed to Tollwood and our first Christmas festival expereience.  It was fun, festive and we enjoyed more Gluhwein (German version of Glogg), it was not as strong as Alana’s but quite yummy.  We also tried Honey Wine for t he first time, that was very interesting a little too sweet for my taste. 
Check out photos of our House Warming and Tollwood in the album library.  A couple of my favorite pictures above.
The following weekend we experienced all the CHristmas festivals we headed to Marienplatz, then to Muchen Freiheit and then off to Chinesischer Turm.  We partook in lots of Gluhwein to stay warm as it was -5 degrees celcius-BURR COLD!!!!  We listened to some Christmas music and then saw lots of CHristmas crafts.  You will have to head to Chinesischer Turm and have a Munich Mug that has kangaroos ice skating- I had no idea Munich was known for Kangaroos.  We are looking forward to our friends Lance and Charlotty coming on Dec 28th to partake in the festivals and Alps…

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