Next generation creating solutions to solve the world’s greatest problems

This year, over 350,000 students from 183 countries registered for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup.  Today we are announcing the 124 teams that will represent their countries/regions at the Worldwide Finals in New York City, July 8-13. We have been inspired by the innovation, creativity, and passion demonstrated by so many talented students who have harnessed the power of technology to develop solutions that will help solve some of the world’s toughest problems. We’re also thrilled to see so many teams focusing on Windows Phone 7, Windows Azure, and Kinect.  To view all the finalist, please visit:

There are so many amazing stories and solutions.  I would like to highlight one, since many of you know I was living in Munich the last three years and supporting the countries in Central Eastern Europe.  I would love to highlight the team from Zagreb, Croatia. Three out of 1,000 children suffer from cerebral palsy and there are not enough physical therapists trained to treat the patients. KiDnect allows a physical therapist to record a specific exercise for a patient, which the patient then repeats. Ideally the program will record and archive the exercises so the doctor can monitor whether the patient is performing them correctly and making progress. The exercises will be perceived as a game that should be completed daily. Connected through the internet, patients in rural areas will also have access to personalized physical therapy exercises. Check out their story:

I am so excited about this next generation of computer scientist, entrepreneurs and leaders who will help us solve some of the world’s greatest challenges!  To hear stories and learn more go to the Imagine Cup You tube channel.

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