Hi-Po Training in London

So I feel very lucky to have spent the last three days with some brilliant folks across Europe in Microsoft’s High Potential Program.  It is an interesting program where Microsoft selects a certain number of individuals across the company world-wide that they think are the future leaders of the company.  Then these folks go through some leadership training, peer coaching, networking and on the job experiential leadership training.  All in all it has been one of the best trainings I have attended.  As part of the training we did 360 reviews where your manager, co-workers and direct reports rate you in five major leadership areas: Modeling the way, Inspring a Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others and Encouraging the Heart.  It is always humbling to read how other perceive you and to understand the areas in which you need to develop more.  One of the best areas of this training is the learning circle we created in which 6 other future leaders help coach you through challenges you are currently facing.  It was a very intense three days, jammed packing and in the end quite draining but invigorating. 
We did get to have some fun in the evenings (of-course we were in London with Brits!) and enjoy some British pubs and a few good laughs.  I do love that British dry humor.  I look forward to my future meetings with my new British, Irish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Middle Eastern/African friends.  A few photos below and in the album to the right. 

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