Today, was our first day biking around Bodensee.  We will do about 300km by the end of the trip.  It rained hard last night but lucky for us just cloudy and no rain today.  Today we only road 35km.  It was a very pleasant and pretty ride.  We went from Salem to Friedrichshafen.  Suprise, we are staying at a very nice Best Western- would never think a Best Western would be nice.  We have the penthouse room with great huge windows and views of the cute town and lake. 
Yesterday, we arrived in Salem and walked around the castle- Scholoss Salem.  Our hotel was very cute with views out to the castle and garden maze.  There was a very cool turn of the century wine press- see below.  We had some amazing white wines from the area and one very interesting Pinot Noir.  The Pinots in Europe are very different from Oregon, of-course we think Oregon’s are better!  More pictures and stories to come later in the week.  A few pictures below:
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