Crystal Mountain What a Day!

Well today I coaxed two of my co-workers to join me on the mountain in Washington State.  We headed to Crystal Mountain which is very close to Mt. Rainer.  Today, was perfect!  It was sunny, must have been close to 45 degrees and the mountain was almost empty!  Lift lines were very short and the mountain was pretty vast.  We enjoyed a day full of sunshine and great snow.  We then had a lovely lunch with a view of Mt. Rainer on the top of the mountain.  We do warn that the Lattes and Cappuccinos are a little pathetic but the view is worth the bad coffee.  It was the first time I had a barista ask how do you make a cappuccino???  Check out the album for great pictures of Arnon, Rajiv and I and the mountain of course!
By RaneRGBAdventures Posted in Travel

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