German Lessons

So I have executed my first German Lesson and this week will be my second class.  So all I can say is my tongue just doesn’t like to make some of the sounds required in the German language.  I also forgot why I am a Math/Science brain and not a language brain.  So as you travel to Munich some important sayings to learn, that I have learned so far:
Guten Morgen- Good morning
Danke- thanks
bitte- please
Kaffe- coffe
bier- beer
rot wein0 red wine
weiss wine- white wine
Ich heisse -My name is…
Buchstabieren Sie, Bitte- can you spell please
Woher Kommt- where do you come from
Ihre addresse?- what’s your address
and then of course your numbers:
0- null
1- eins
2- zweu
3- drei
4- vier
5- funf
6- sechs
7- sieben
8- acht
9- neun
10- zehn
There is your first lesson.  I will be back later this week with lesson two for you. 

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