Select me to be Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Chief Exploration Officer

I have been described as dynamic, passionate, energetic, engaging, empathetic, easy to trust and able to connect with people instantly.  I recently sold a successful small business and retired from being an owner and CEO.  As the CEO of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting business, Ranemaker Institute, I was nominated Woman of the Year, Small Business of the Year, Community Hero and Top 40 under 40 in Oregon.  Prior to being a CEO, I was a senior leader at Microsoft where I was selected a spokesperson to be interviewed by top news agencies like New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Huffington Post with headline stories related to topics for developers, IT professionals, students, people of diverse backgrounds and government officials. In addition, I am a public speaker and have spoken to groups of students, environmentalists, computer scientists, business leaders, government officials and concerned citizens with groups as large as 25,000 in person/150,000 online livestream.   I am tech savvy being able to program, manage social media channels and create digital content.  While working at Microsoft Research, I did research and started programs to encourage girls and people of color to pursue computer science connecting with middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate students.  We even launched a film that I helped produce and featured in that is on Amazon called Big Dream that follows the life of 7 young women who will change the world through engineering and computer science. 

Not only have I been successful in the business, education and non-profit fields but I have spent my entire life enjoying and volunteering in the outdoors.  I was a competitive athlete in soccer, gymnastics, running, and track and field.  I have been a hiker, camper, skier, paddle boarder, kayaker, mountain biker and trail runner for over 25 years.  I volunteer for weed pulls, beach/river/lake clean-ups, surf competitions and conservation events (led the first Central Oregon Conservation Summit with diverse speakers and panelists).  While running Ranemaker Institute I was hired by conservation groups to help them with their overall effectiveness and how to better connect and support people of diverse backgrounds.  

Connecting with diverse groups of people, being a past CEO and avid outdoors person makes me a great choice for your Chief Exploration Officer!  In addition to these capabilities, I am already on the road.  When I retired in December, we (myself, my husband and our Goldendoodle) headed out on the road in January for the full-time vanlife! We have been traveling to various national parks, monuments, national forests and documenting our travels on and RGB Adventures Youtube Channel.  What also sets me apart is I got Traumatic Brain Injury 5 years ago, so I take the time to highlight trails and areas for people with disabilities can enjoy through our travels. I find very few people help people with disabilities understand how they can still enjoy the outdoors. So, I am already blogging/vlogging and picture taking while enjoying yummy beer!  Your organization can save money and not have to buy a van since we already have one! I am looking forward to being your Chief Exploration Officer!