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Rane Stempson is a recognized leader in Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation, Government, Entrepreneurship, Education and Technology. She is the CEO of the Ranemaker Institute focused on the need that individuals, organizations and cities need help in understanding how to discuss inclusive innovation and create action plans that benefit themselves, their companies, organizations and communities. She is passionate on helping every individual reach their full potential. Rane is launching the Inclusive Innovation Initiative in Bend to ensure Bend becomes one of the most inclusive cities in America and every voice is heard. Rane was a 15-year veteran at Microsoft where she held a number of roles, most recently Principal Research Director, where she engaged with academics worldwide and identified high-impact areas for research investigations and led an initiative to grow, attract and retain under-represented groups in research, science and engineering. Rane has worked actively with organizations like NCWIT, Anita Borg, AAUW, CRA-W, IEEE-WIE, CSTA, ACM-W, CMDiT and researchers on how to grow the pipeline of under-represented groups. She has been selected to sit on White House and United Nations committees to focus on how technology can stop the commercial sex trafficking of minors and technology inclusion for under-represented minorities in STEM. She has taught at Oregon State University Cascades Campus in the Computer Science Department and locally she has been active with Technology Alliance of Central Oregon, Central Oregon STEM Hub, Looking Forward, Bethlehem Inn, Technology Association of Oregon and OSU Co-Lab/Scholarship for under-represented groups in Computer Science and Engineering. Rane is a graduate of Bucknell University with a BS Mechanical Engineering, BA Economics/Finance, and George Fox University with an Executive MBA with concentration in Transformational Leadership.

Back to Changing the World, NOT…

The old saying, “If I knew then what I know now”, echoes in my mind.

When I look back at this post, I see I still haven’t learned and how hard it is for Type A’s to learn. I thought after this post I had changed but in January of 2018, I started my own business to help small businesses with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice issues as there were very few consultants looking to help small businesses. I started off slow and only working with a few companies, non-profits, counties and cities but then there I was again taking on too much and pushing myself too hard. I came close to having three more concussions and so I sold my business and officially retired. I had to admit I had mental disabilities and had to go on disability. Every time I think about over doing it again, I read this blog and I hope it can help you as much as it helps me when I want to get too involved again.

I would have not gone to the Hackathon in LA back in 2013 and when my doctor said I must rest. I would have had my husband hide my cellphone, laptop and taken it easy.  Instead, for the next six months, I still went online on my phone doing emails and answering what I thought were crucial emails and calling colleagues on how to execute important projects.

Of-course looking back none of it was more crucial than my health, I wasn’t saving lives, things could have waited.  Others within Microsoft would’ve taken the slack.  However, my ego was hard to reign in.  I thought what I was doing was so critical and no one else had the expertise and needed my coaching for things to be completed exactly the way I thopught they needed to be done.

Many of us think